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I need to get out some information on our policies for retakes and rebates.


I strive to take high quality photos of every child, group and team. Unfortunately there are times where I make a mistake or the images are damaged in some way. I will do everything in my ability to make the situation right. Below are some situations that have been encountered over the past several years on a repeated basis that have required me to set up the policies below.



I do not do retakes for sports teams and individuals.

     - I try to take the sports teams photos in their proper locations (soccer teams on a soccer field, basketball in a gym, etc). Due to the frequently changing weather in our community there are times where we have to move locations. If it is suitable for the photographer, we may reschedule to do weather. 

     - As the photographer I try to get a photo of every child in the sports team looking at the camera. Most of the time, if a child is not looking at the camera it is because of parents standing behind the photographer telling their child to "look," the child then looks at the parent rather then my camera. I ask parents not to take photos behind the photographer. 

     - There are times when a child misses their teams photo day. If the parent wants to coordinate with my company to have their child show up to another teams photos we are willing to provide that service at the photographers ability. In this situation we do not retake a team photo, but recommend that the parent orders a "Sport Mate" photo which will have their child's individual photo above the team photo on an 8x10 print. 

     - If there are problems that are unreconcilable, I will issue a full refund you for your photos. I do require that the photos be returned to the photographer. 


     - We schedule a retake day for each school after the initial photo day. The retake day is for children who miss the original day or had photos printed from the original photo day and the parents were unsatisfied with the photos. 

     - Parents are able purchase photos from retake day. 

     - If parents want a retake, they must send the original photos back to the photographer to have them replaced. If the retake photo is due to a photographer error, I will replace the photo for free. 

       - Photographer errors include a blurry photo, wrong child, blinking, photographer printed the wrong color background or printed the                   wrong package. etc. 

       - Errors that are not photographer error and will not be replaced for free are: child wearing the wrong shirt, child's hair being fixed wrong, parents not liking the child's smile. 

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